Piki: Tue, June 28 – Mon, Sep 12, 2011

Posted: 19 September 2011 in Uncategorized

Thank you for 11 weeks you were with us. We miss your screaming voice when you were waiting for your food or when you were trying to have some sleep but your big brothers, Chokie or Lucky teased you. Forgive us for rejecting you while you wanted to be in our laps that past week. We didn’t know it would be your last to be with us. We miss everything about you.

Forgive us for taking your diarrhea so lightly. We didn’t know it took tolls to your tiny body.

We miss you snuggling under Dad’s beard, trying to scratch your forehead with it. We miss you running after Kimi trying to poke him while he walked past you. We miss your facial expression while you were groomed by Kimi. We miss you eating from Kimi’s bowl. We had never met a cat that could be shocked easily by any surprises happened near it until we met you. You would jump to any voice/sound that made you shocked. It was funny to see a kitten jump so easily.

I got news from a neighbor. She said, her hubby found a dead kitten in front of our house. And one of our cat (Lucky?) stood by it until it was buried by him. I asked the kitten color, she doesn’t know. I told her, how come I didn’t find any kitten, on the night you disappeared and the following morning. But I’m sure it was you, Piki. Thank you dear neighbor for burying my beloved kitten.

When you left the house that night, I knew you didn’t want us to be sad you left us to be with your Creator. Forgive us dear God for being ignorance to your other creature we supposed to take care of. I know I should let Piki go. But God, why does it still hurt after four times losing?

We love you, Piki. May you rest in peace.
(Mom and Dad)

  1. doris says:

    sabar ya don… turut berduka…

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