Kimi, My (OMG Neuter) Tom Cat | @citrayuliasari

Posted: 3 February 2011 in Cat
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We have Kimi for almost a year now. You can read about it here: Since we first have Kimi, we never sure whether Kimi was a tom or a queen. A friend told me it was a queen.

Kimi has recover from its stress. Kimi is not afraid of Lucky anymore. They both playing together, chasing ant, cockroach, baby gecko, butterfly, or grasshopper. Also Kimi’s coat is back to its beauty.

Since Kimi doesn’t have balls at its rear end, and also Kimi has a sensitive personality, we always thought kimi was a queen.

Until last week when we took Kimi to pet salon for its first ever grooming with us. Kimi needed its ears cleaned and its claws cut. Its claws were too sharp that Kimi hurt itself every time Kimi scratched its ear. We were told that Kimi is a tom, a neuter one.

We were shock! My man in particular was upset. At first he couldn’t accept it. He was mad at Kimi’s first owner because Kimi is a victim from her ambition (Kimi’s lion cut) and heartless act (castrated the poor cat).

I told him there were nothing we could do. It happened before we even met Kimi. All we can do now is give him love he needs.

That’s the end of our dream to have little Persian kittens from Kimi. 😦 We even tried to find a tom to make Kimi pregnant. That’s before we know Kimi’s real sex.


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