Our Family New Member

Posted: 5 September 2005 in Cat, My Cats

The last time I wrote in my blog was about my new two kittens, Kitty and Kuning. But now there’s only Kitty left. Kuning died few days ago.  😥 He just died! Compared to Kitty, Kuning was always drink more milk and without any difficulties. It never crossed my mind such healthy kitten would die. But until the time he died his eyes still closed although it had been 10 days since he was first brought home.

I also mentioned about my (now) four 2-month-old kittens. Well, there are three of them now, Item, Telon and Belang. Macan died few days prior to Kuning. He was sick, so sick that he didn’t want to eat anything but water for days. He didn’t breast-milking too. His body was so thin that he hardly walked. I guess death is better for him than to suffer like that.

Well, besides those sad news I have a good news. Yesterday I heard a kitten meowing. I went out of my front door, and there was a cute kitten under my father’s car. I brought it home (again). It was a male kitten. He was so damn cute that I have never seen one like him before. Oh, man! I fell in love at first sight with him instantaneously. He was a lot bigger than any other kittens of his age I’ve ever seen. I am telling you he was huge! All of my cats, since I had one for the first time, at his size would be able to run, climb, jump, and smack down other kittens. But this cat walk slowly and awkwardly let alone run. Compare to Kitty, his size is more than twice as big as her.

I named the cat Panda, because his color is like a Giant Panda of China except without those black circles around his eyes. He has a long smooth fur and a long black tail. If you are a big fan of manga (Japanese comics) and you read Sweet Fuku Fuku or Fuku Fuku Funyan in Japanese by Kanata Konami, you must know a female cat and her two kittens character which is Fuku Fuku enemy. Well, Panda looks like her except without the two spots around her nose and also her cruel look replaced by Panda’s innocent look. And different tail size between them too. Panda also reminds me of a guinea pig because of his size.

For Kitty, since I broke down the pipettes I give her milk by a sponge attached to a cotton bud. Panda doesn’t want to be given milk from the same tool as Kitty due to his big mouth. So, I bought Panda a nursing bottle from which he drinks his milk. When I fed Panda I feel like a mom giving her baby milk from a nursing bottle. ^_^

I am still wondering where did Panda come from? Without doubt he has parents. But I’ve never seen any adult cat which has any similarity with Panda in my neighborhood. He couldn’t just fell from the sky. My mom told me it might be a birthday present for me. But, from whom? FYI, my birthday was a day prior to Panda’s arrival. Maybe it’s true. I don’t know. When I meet his original owner I’ll return Panda to him/her. Until that day comes, I’ll keep Panda as one of my pets.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any picture of all of my kittens yet. When I do, I’ll publish them in my friendster album.


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