Suddenly…… I am a mom!!!!

Posted: 24 August 2005 in Cat, My Cats

Yes, you got that correct. Suddenly, I am a mom … of two abandon kittens. ^_^
I guess anyone who’ve known me thought that I have delivered a baby. Omigod!!! I am not even married yet.

It started last Sunday at 4 am when I heard very loud cryings from two kittens.
At first, I didn’t take it in mind. I thought, their mom would come after all.
But then, at 10 am one of them still cried. They had been cried for almost six hours!! I couldn’t take it anymore! I looked for them and they had been next door.

They were two 4 – 5 day old kittens. One was yellow male and the other was
three-colored female with mainly black. They were so cute. My neighbor said
they fell from her ceiling. She was amazed they were OK considered the high ceiling, about 3 – 4 meters and they fell right on the hard floor. So, I brought them home in a shoe box.

Early that morning I did not care about them because I already have a female cat
and her four 1.5 month old kittens to take care of. Me and my mom take turns in
feeding them. But I am the only one who responsible for their sanitation. You know, their toilet and all kinda stuff, those smelly things! Besides, I was afraid my cats would harm those kittens due to their difference in bloodline.

Back to those two abandon kittens. I named the male kitten kuning (it’s yellow in
English) and the female one kitty. It occurred to me it was kitty which cried louder than kuning. Female!… girl or cat, we both just couldn’t lower our decibels down. LOL.

I pipetted one kitten at a time with full cream milk. Thanks God, their digestion
systems didn’t reject the milk.

So, while most of my friends have been busy with their own babies, I have been busy with six kittens. ^_^
I have never took care so many cats in my life at one single time before. Mostly, I took care 3 to 4 cats only. And I never worried about their sanitation. The mother took care of it. I just fed them and cleaned the meal afterward.

These cats made me learn the meaning of being patient with kids. And also how it feels like to be a mom. It started with cats. Someday, I will take care of my own family. 🙂

  1. Bahtiar says:

    wah kok pake basa planet ?

  2. Donna says:

    iya, pake boso planet londo. soale aku lg belajar nulis plus blajar boso londo. tolong dikoreksi kalo ada yg salah. thx.

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